QuiteRSS 0.12.3 (16.03.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Main: Increase productivity
  • Main: Manual sort in feed's tree
  • Added: Option "Hide feed's tree when opening tabs"
  • Added: Option for news' list "Alternate row's background color" (Options->Feeds->General->...)
  • Added: Ability to open several news in external browser
  • Added: Ability to open several news in tabs
  • Added: News filters: "Show for Last Day" and "Show for Last 7 Days"
  • Added: Notification window: Button to open news in external browser
  • Added: Ability to hide feed's indentation in tree ("Feeds->Show Indentation")
  • Added: Ability to customize toolbar ("View->Customize toolbar->...")
  • Added: Option "Show default rss-icon instead of favourite one"
  • Added: Share news: Email, Evernote, Facebook, VK
  • Added: Language: Ukrainian
  • Added: Language: Chinese
  • Added: Language: Czech
  • Added: Language: Polish
  • Added: Language: Japanese
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: Ability to change shortcuts: "CTRL+P" and "Enter"
  • Changed: Dialog "Create filter": sort conditions by name
  • Changed: Separate options "Use embedded or external browser" and "External browser selection"
  • Changed: Focus unfocused window while clicking tray icon
  • Changed: Adjust image width from media-content to browser width
  • Changed: Folder properties. Added options similar to feed options
  • Fixed: Some feeds displays short description instead of full
  • Fixed: Recounting folder's counters
  • Fixed: Shutdown of application while PC shutdown
  • Fixed: Feed's tree when it contains more than 256 items
  • Fixed: Cursor disappear in news list when sort changing
  • Fixed: Import OPML-files
  • Fixed: Notification window displays old news
  • Fixed: Text encoding while parsing feed

Download: here

Attention! Builds of QuiteRSS by PortableApps.com

Warning for those who uses QuiteRSS build by PortableApps.com!

Don't use internal updating feature of QuiteRSS, PortableApps.com build can't do this. Doing this application can't load your old setting and database-file. You must download new version from PortableApps.com. If you want to use internal updating feature, please, download official portable version of QuiteRSS.

QuiteRSS 0.12.2 (20.02.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Displaying news of selected folder
  • Added: Displaying URL of media-content
  • Added: Ability to save browser page as plain text
  • Added: Feed's option "Automatically delete news' duplicates"
  • Added: Ability to hide Categories ("View->Show/Hide->Panel Categories")
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: News list/browser size's change step set to 25 pixels instead of 5
  • Changed: Password for proxy-server displays with asterisks
  • Changed: Date and time format are separated
  • Changed: Switch to next unread news
  • Fixed: Application crash while updating feeds!
  • Fixed: Some feeds aren't processed
  • Fixed: Application crash while using shortcuts
  • Fixed: Application crash while deleting passwords from empty list
  • Fixed: Recounting folders' counters while adding new feed
  • Fixed: Downloading feeds' icons for some feeds

Download: here

QuiteRSS falls

QuiteRSS may falls during daylight if there are a lot of feeds and update frequency is 5-10 minutes. After week of testing and debugging the bug was fixed. Wait for new version in couple days!