QuiteRSS2 developing is started!

The application will be completely rewrited.
UI will be redesigned. Special thanks to Bozhevarsky Dmitry.
Webkit engine of internal browser will be replaced by Chromium.
There will be special release without internal browser.
The appliction release date is undefined.

From now update for current v0-version will fix critical bugs only.

QuiteRSS 0.18.7 (23.08.2017)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Share. Reddit, Instapaper
  • Changed: SQLite 3.20.0
  • Changed: Displaying icon in system tray
  • Fixed: Copying folder properties when adding feed
  • Fixed: Duplicated news without headings
  • Fixed: Share. Email (Linux)
  • Fixed: Application crash when open browser tab and layout switching
  • Fixed: Sometimes regular expressions in filters did not work
  • Fixed: Some content links of the news description has no "http" schema

Download: here