QuiteRSS 0.13.1 (30.06.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Cleanup wizard
  • Added: Ability to specify feed's icon
  • Added: Option "Automatically mark identical news as read"
  • Added: Option "Open new tab next to active"
  • Added: Options "Enable cleanup on shutdown", "Enable DB optimization"
  • Added: Option "Show feeds toggle at edge of the window"
  • Added: Option "Main news filter"
  • Added: Option "Do not show notifications in fullscreen mode" (Windows)
  • Added: Cookies managing options
  • Added: Removing news from "Deleted" with categories pop up menu
  • Added: Share news with Google+
  • Added: Backup DB-file and setting-file before application upgrade
  • Added: Language: Arabic
  • Added: Language: Tajik
  • Added: Language: Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: Feed loading: CPU load is reduced
  • Changed: Categories could be opened in tabs as feeds
  • Changed: Additional colors options
  • Changed: Restore categories tree collapse/expand state
  • Changed: Support links prefix "feed://"
  • Changed: Feed parsing is reworked
  • Fixed: Release news selection after mark them Read/Unread
  • Fixed: Restoring columns' widths
  • Fixed: Updating some kind of feeds
  • Fixed: Support RTL in news description
  • Fixed: Recounting feeds counters when news
  • Fixed: OPML-file while exporting feeds with large nesting structure
  • Fixed: Displaying news list while clicking on some categories
  • Fixed: Restore splitter position between news list and browser
  • Fixed: Loading 512 news after news list sort mode is changed
  • Fixed: After feed has added its news is displayed as not new
  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior some of shortcuts
  • Fixed: Restore cache's default path if it is not specified
  • Fixed: Notification window coordinates were miscalculated

Download: here

QuiteRSS 0.13.0 (30.05.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Main: Increase application performance
  • Added: Individual feed update interval (feed properties)
  • Added: Individual columns in news list for feed (feed properties)
  • Added: Download manager (Program options/Browser/Downloads)
  • Added: "Undo"/"Redo" in browser text input field context menu
  • Added: Notification window preview
  • Added: Sort news list form main menu
  • Added: Tooltip appears for feed long title
  • Added: Settings for font and background colors
  • Added: Display news counters in Categories
  • Added: More keyboard shortcuts
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: Update feed three times on error
  • Changed: Save browser page
  • Changed: Search next unread news has became cyclic
  • Changed: Remove "http://" prefix from column "Link"
  • Changed: Mark news Read while switching between tabs
  • Changed: Opening news in new/background tab
  • Changed: Support RTL in news description
  • Changed: Comments in sources are translated to English
  • Fixed: Options "Don't delete starred news", "Don't delete labeled news" didn't store
  • Fixed: News title and description displays twice
  • Fixed: Some feeds didn't parse
  • Fixed: Wrong codepage while parsing feed
  • Fixed: Alternating row setting in news list
  • Fixed: CPU high load while application shutdown
  • Fixed: Application crashes while switching to next unread news in categories, where are no more unread news

Download: here

Increasing productivity

Yippee!!! Productivity of feeds tree has been increased to 100 times Lol

On startup with 280 feeds и 15 folders, expand whole tree has elapsed ~ 7000 ms, after fixing ~ 70 ms.

Adding/deleting/moving feeds runs invisible to user (if option "Store DB in memory" enabled)

News and application style

Now every user can change news/application style by oneself.
Styles are situated in "style" folder: "*.qss" - application's styles и "news.css" - news' style.

Example: change news title's color in file "news.css":

  1. find class element ".title"
  2. set propertie's value "color"

New finished news style from user RRRRRRRRUSH:

Donwload: RStyle_v1.1

You may upload your style here: Styles