QuiteRSS 0.13.2 (30.07.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Options network requests when updating feeds
  • Added: Displaying status of an icon feed and in properties
  • Added: Setting font Browser
  • Added: Shortcuts to move page by page in the list of news
  • Added: Displaying links to the comment in line with author name
  • Added: Displaying categories (labels) in line with author name
  • Added: Notification window: Button to mark news as read
  • Added: Association QuiteRSS in unix
  • Added: Language: Vietnamese
  • Added: Language: Romanian
  • Changed: Labels "Default" after changing the language translated (will only work for a new DB)
  • Changed: Displays an error message if not found SQLite driver
  • Changed: Receipt icons for feed
  • Changed: Popup windows in a new tab
  • Fixed: Application crash while updating feeds!
  • Fixed: Application crash while context menu scrollbar in browser
  • Fixed: Application crash while context menu is category tree
  • Fixed: Updating some kind of feeds
  • Fixed: Browser position of could change after applying settings
  • Fixed: In list news would disappear pointer
  • Fixed: Feeds exported file is not imported into Feedly
  • Fixed: Reopening settings window from tray
  • Fixed: Notification window: When open the news in an external browser, the news is not marked as read
  • Fixed: Notification window: Opening news
  • Fixed: In status bar is not recalculated counters
  • Fixed: When switching to category of "unread" can be displayed read news
  • Fixed: Wrong codepage while parsing feed
  • Fixed: In some feeds was not description on feed
  • Fixed: When minimizing program to the system tray, news list in categories cleared
  • Fixed: When upgrading tapes in the category has not been updated news list
  • Fixed: Minimize to tray by Win+M/Win+D

Download: here