QuiteRSS 0.14.1 (30.11.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Main: Increase application performance
  • Added: Audio/video player for podcasts
  • Added: User filters. Sound playing (phonon)
  • Added: User filters. Highlight news in notification
  • Added: Option "Hide tab panel if only one tab is opened"
  • Added: Address field in browser toolbar
  • Added: Display news link in status bar for 3 second while switching news
  • Added: More color settings
  • Changed: Close notification if all news have been read
  • Changed: Store cleanup wizard settings
  • Changed: If images are switched off no images are displayed in news description
  • Fixed: Application crash while clicking "Customize news toolbar"
  • Fixed: Application crash while using "Next unread news"
  • Fixed: Can't to open feed homepage
  • Fixed: Switch on next unread news even if no feed is selected
  • Fixed: Mark feed read (while filter is enabled)

Download: here

QuiteRSS: Happy Birthday! =)

Today the QuiteRSS project is 2 years of age!

Congratulations to those who spent days and nights to help us making application better. Congratulations to those who use it.

We have prepared new version to celebrate this event.

Main changes:

  • Main: Increase application performance
  • Main: Feed filter is case-insensitive now
  • Added: Support for feeds with uTorrent-authorization
  • Added: Feed filter "Show broken feeds"
  • Added: Application option "Default page zoom"
  • Added: User filters. Conditions for categories has been added
  • Added: More shortcuts
  • Added: More color settings
  • Changed: GUI. Some visual tweaks
  • Fixed: Application crash
  • Fixed: Application crash while using JavaScript (Windows)
  • Fixed: Application crash while using "Next unread news"
  • Fixed: Application crash while starting by desktop shortcut
  • Fixed: Tip "All feeds" while creating new filter
  • Fixed: Clearing news filter on switching between feeds
  • Fixed: Autoreplacement "http://" on adding feed
  • Fixed: Confuse options names "Don't delete starred news", "Don't delete labeled news"
  • Fixed: User filters with apostrophe didn't work
  • Fixed: Files extension in save/open dialogs
  • Fixed: Startup. Request file storing path, if specified path isn't found

Download: here

Yippee! We have moved to new domain!

We have moved to new domain quiterss.org. New website have no advertisements and is oriented to russian-speaking and enlglish-speaking audience. There are new design and extended functional.

We are grateful to everyone who took part in creating the site and provided financial support. Special thanks to Ivan Prokudin for help in hosting acquisition and providing domain.

QuiteRSS 0.13.3 (30.07.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Option "Save DB stored in memory to file every XX minutes"
  • Added: Language: Turkish
  • Changed: Parsing categories (Atom)
  • Changed: Focus on news after application starts
  • Changed: Disabling notification disappearing by set notification delay to 0 seconds
  • Fixed: Codepage while parsing feeds
  • Fixed: Wrong news publish date (Atom)
  • Fixed: Importing feeds containing character '&'
  • Fixed: Memory leak. CPU loading is reduced
  • Fixed: Import feeds into present folders
  • Fixed: Creating links to attachments (Link to audio)

Download: here