QuiteRSS 0.15.0 (06.03.2014)

Main Changes:

  • Main: Adblock integrated
  • Added: Support for feeds with local path (file://)
  • Added: Embedded browser. Determining and adding feeds from web sites
  • Added: Notifications. News grouping - display feeds title
  • Added: Notifications. Button to delete news
  • Added: Notifications. Button to mark read every news
  • Added: System tray. Mane item "Mark All Feeds Read"
  • Added: Option "Show close button on tab"
  • Added: Tab "Information" to "About" dialog
  • Added: Language: Galician
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: The process of news deletion is sorted by date of publication
  • Changed: RTL-model of news for Arabic and Persian languages
  • Changed: Process of displaying of the splash screen
  • Fixed: Wrong codepage while importing feeds
  • Fixed: Processing feeds that contains '&' symbol
  • Fixed: Processing some feeds that contains 'br' tag within the news
  • Fixed: Application activation after opening of the link in external browser and minimizing to tray
  • Fixed: Options dialog didn't fit monitors with low resolution
  • Fixed: Reset options while switching on tab that contains category
  • Fixed: Application crash when open "Options" dialog if "Downloads" tab is active
  • Fixed: Feed option "Disable update"

Download: here