QuiteRSS 0.19.4 (21.04.2020)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Share. Viber, Telegram
  • Added: Support Media-RSS
  • Added: Switch focus from search when pressing Esc
  • Changed: Qt 5.13.2 (Windows)
  • Changed: Lock headline news while scrolling content
  • Changed: Hide directories when searching in feeds
  • Fixed: Application crash (Windows)
  • Fixed: Support High DPI (Windows)
  • Fixed: Webkit. Create empty directories on drive "C" (Windows)
  • Fixed: Some news links do not have a scheme ("http")
  • Fixed: Dark App Style. Setting background color and text color for labels
  • Fixed: Dark App Style. Setting background color of alternative rows
  • Fixed: Updating some feeds
  • Fixed: Collapse of news description

Download: here

QuiteRSS: 15.11.2019 - 8 years. Happy Birthday!

QuiteRSS project is 8 years of age!

Congratulations to those who spent days and nights to help us making application better. Congratulations to those who use it!

We have prepared new version to celebrate this event:

  • Main: Switch to Qt 5.13
  • Main: Embedded browser - WebKit 602.1
  • Added: Calendar to avoid downloading old new
  • Changed: SQLite 3.30.1
  • Changed: OpenSSL 1.1.1d (Windows)
  • Removed: Share. Google+
  • Fixed: Description of some feeds
  • Fixed: Parsing of some feeds

Download: here