Regex newbie here and need assistance!


A previous rss filter website I used is discontinuing soon, but it doesn't matter since quiterss is a better alternative!

Anyway, the previous website I used had simple filters that I could understand;

For example, if I wanted to block incoming feeds with titles containing exactly "football" and "footballz", then the regex would be


but if something like "footballssssss" was coming up, then I'd have to add that to the filter as well; ---->  (?i)\b(football|footballz|footballssssss)\b

I like these precise filters that matches the exact word, regardless of the capital/lower case and order of said word.

However, I'm still trying to figure out how I can make QuiteRss do the same as the example regex above, but it's proving to be difficult . I'll probably figure this out eventually after a few testing and diligence, but if someone could enlighten me, then I would be appreciate it!