Quiet/Silent Updates


Recently started using this app, and loving it so far. Just 1 thing.


I'd like to see a feature to enable silent updates for certain feeds (no sound and no tray icon count of unread updates). My situation is, I have a few feeds which I deem "top priority," and a few lesser important feeds which I still want to keep up to date with, but I don't want to be constantly checking QuietRSS just to clear out the tray icon news count. I know I can manually update disabled feeds, but it'd be nicer if they would just update themselves quietly.


Hope there are others that like the idea Smile



please go to

Tools -> Options -> Notifications

and try the option

"Only show selected feeds"..

Kind regards,


Unless I'm doing something

Unless I'm doing something wrong, but that setting only disable the pop-up notification. I still get sound notifications, and the news count tally continues to add-up.


I guess it does leave the option of only having a pop-up on important feeds, while disabling sound notifications and the news count tally on the tray icon for all feeds -- but, I'd still prefer to disable sound notifications for certain feeds, and to the tray icon news count for certain feeds as well.


Again, minor feature. Unless others seem interested in the idea, I don't expect it to be added.


And thanks for the reply!