problem when reading an items


Hi Sheldon

First Happy new year and thanks for this fantastic Quiterss. There is in my opinion a little drawback:

when you look an items in a specific rss with just a single clic but you dont want to deselect it and you go to another ones when leaving the rss the items is atomaticaly deselected even if you have not deselected it. It is a little boring because when you come back to this rss your items is not there and you have to make a new search with option show all.

i would prefere to deselected it my self (of course when you double clic it is deselected which is normal)

would it be possible to improve it




thanks! I wish you a happy new year, too!.

To change the reading behaviour please refer to 

Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Tab Reading.

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Thanks a lot Sheldon it is

Thanks a lot Sheldon it is perfect, exactly what i needed

Kind regards


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