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First, Excuse my English.
I am working with Snarfer, that is my favorite software for RSS, until I find QuiteRSS.
QuiteRSS is almost complete for me. The absent feature that I realy like, and I don't find is "Export as CSV" or "Save all Articles (News)".

For exemple, the CSV file must contains the infos of each news in my feeds: Title, Categories, Published, Link, etc.

in QuiteRSS, the only "Export", saves only URLs of feeds (*.opml). The "Browser/Save As" save only one news.

In this link: http://www.4shared.com/zip/IAeQLeCeba/Explain.html
you can see a CSV file Exported by Snarfer software of all my favorite news of a feed.

Thank you for this wonderful software.

Perhaps in the future we will

Perhaps in the future we will implement this feature.

I would also extremely

I would be also extremely interested in this feature, and even more in the option to import such CSV file.

Checking the backup file (feeds.db....bak) structure, it seems something like sql(lite). Based on this, it should be pretty easy to write a third-party tool that can import/export between the backup and CSV files. Can you please give me a hand with some documentation on this file format?

And also, restoring a backup is simply overriding the "feeds.db" with the "bak" file when the program is not running, right?

EDIT: okay, sorry for the dumb question, it turned out to be a standard SQLite 3 file, which is extremely promising for writing a third-party CSV importer/exporter. I will report back if I can come up with something useful.