Conclusions from support discussions

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Hi funcy-dcm,

during my support discussions with users I recognized that we have many recurring questions.
To avoid answering them multiple times we should definitely start a wiki.
It will not be perfect in the beginning but it will get better over the time.

Another point coming up very often is to extend the QuiteRSS functionality.Here some collected examples

- Automized download
- Automized playing of videos
- Automized TTS support

There are many more..

I think I have an idea how to solve such issues in a generic way without implementing it in the core.
The first thing that comes to mind is soimething like a plugin manager. But I thing there is a better approach for QuiteRSS.

For each feed we can have a script editor (text field) in a new tab in the feed details.
The content will be java script and appended to the field description in table news in the db .
So the script can be applied to every news in the feed.
For each upcoming issue we can have a separate java script. This scripts can also be combined if several issues need to be covered.
To enable the users to handle this scripts on there own we can offer a script library in the wiki.
Later on we can maybe have default scripts coming with a release.

This would be a flexible and powerful approach. i do this already for some of my feeds and from my experience it works fine.
What#s your opinion?

Kind regards,