A way to limit number of articles per feed?


I am still a bit new to QRSS so if this is already an option forgive me.

some of the feeds are much more active than others so I have some with maybe 20 articles in a months and others with hundreds.

QRSS has gotten a bit slow recently and is taking up close to a gig of memory, and I assume it is due to the large number of articles?

I saw there is a way to globally limit the "max number of number of news to keep" but if i understand that right I am afraid it will delete some of the important, but "low volume" news, and still keep a large number of news from the very active feeds?

Is there a way to limit the number of news per feed? If not I'd like to recomend that as a option in the future.




unfortunately there is no such setting yet. But it would not prevent you from deleting possibly important news anyway.

You could f. e. mark the important news with a star.

If you know some criteria you can define a corresponding news filter under

Option -> News Filters... .

If you enable the option

"Never delete starred news"


Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Clean-Up

you can avoid that this news are deleted by the automatism.

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