Trouble importing OPML file

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I exported file from Thunderbird. I have about 30 rss feeds. They are seperated into about half dozen different folders. I then imported into QRSS. What I ended up with is those half dozen folders. When i open each one there is another folder with the name of the RSS feed. That it. no feeds. Except for one - one folder I open has 10 folders and the first folder I open that and the RSS feed is there with around 100 news stories in the news column. All the other folders are sealed they don't open and no RSS feeds.Number to the right is "0" indicating no stories in each one.

I have another feed in Thunderbird it has none of those folders just 4 feeds under the main feed folder did same exported that imported to QRSS and basically same thing I ended up with 4 folders three dont open the 4th opens and the feed is in there with news stories.

When i click on each of the dead folders that should contain an RSS feeds I click on properties and the data in there is the same as any folder in QRSS the General tab just has Title and boxes to Disable Update / Auto update / Disable on startup. It doesn't have any of the other data that an rss feed should have.

Any idea why these feeds are coming in as folders except for 1 feed in each import is coming thru

The size of each of those two imports was 25kb / 4lb respectively.