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I will install QuiteRSS on my company computers and I need to prevent my users to access to settings menu ?

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unfortunately there is currently no access management for the settings.

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But there might be a

But there might be a workaround.
The settings are stored in the file QuiteRSS.ini. So you can manage your problem by handling this file.

You can f. e. have a master file on soime drive and overwrite the settings file on the local machines with this master file.
Even if any user changes the settings on his local machine they will be overwritten f. e. after quitting QuiteRSS and/or before starting QuiteRSS.
So this overwriting automatism needs to be implemented as a batch or shell depending on your OS.

The same could be done for the file feeds.db holding the data and the filter rules.

Thank you Sheldon I will try

Thank you Sheldon Smile I will try your solution.

Please take care that

Please take care that QuiteRSS is not running while performing the overwrite.

Especially if you enabled to store the db in the memory you need to wait until it's saved during quitting QuiteRSS.

Otherwise you risk to crash QuiteRSS. So be careful !!!