New User With Questions


Hi folks,

New user here. I've been using QuiteRSS for almost a month, and I have to say I like it very much.

I couldn't find answers here for the moment, so here are my initial questions:

1. Can QuiteRSS auto-translate a feed from a supported language (e.g. Russian) to English? Or, is there an option to translate (even manually) a feed?

2. How, if possible, can I export news filters or rules?

Those are all for now. Thanks for this software. Much useful. Smile

Hi. Unfortunately, both

Hi. Unfortunately, both features aren't implemented yet.

Dario Rodriguez
Hi, I'm a new user. I have

Hi, I'm a new user. I have problems to filter RSS channel from Google alerts. In the first condition of the filter,  I choose "Link" in the second, I choose "contain" and in the last I wrote some letters of the link, but the filter don't work.

Another options function correctly. Even with another URLs, the link filter works. But not with Rss Channel from Google Alerts.

Thank you very much.

Try to version 0.17.1

Try to version 0.17.1