How to download old news of some feeds?


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Weekly, I can not stop at home and stand in front of the computer reading the news of the day, every day.
And when that happens, I can never read the news of the last days.
Would you like to learn how to update the feeds of the last 3 or 4 days to read through the news and keep me updated, even if a few days later.
To have all the news every day, I need to leave my computer 24 hours on. Leave my pc connected four days just to get all the news is nothing economical.
I configured my QuiteRSS for:

Auto-Update all feeds every 30 min.
Keep feeds with less than 60 days.
Keep a maximum of 200 feeds per URL.
Never delete news Favorites (have a 6 or 7 at most, the rest allowed to delete at the automatic cleaning)
I have 9 feeds registration and 501 news in total.
I do not understand why not get old news considering that some entries have only 1 or 2 news per day.
I my understand, the QuiteRSS should download about 120 news of the last 60 days, which does not exceed the limit of 200 per url.

Can anyone help me fix this problem?
I desire to download these old news but it does not.
I tried to change the date of the clock on my PC.
Increased limits feeds and days of validity and changed nothing.
Wait a help ...



unfortunately this is not possible because of the nature of a rss feed. Let me shortly explain to you how rss feeds work.
The content of a rss feed is defined on host respectiively server side and regularly changed in a certain tine sequence.
QuiteRss as any rss reader just takes this content, downloads it and displays it in some way. The reader cannot control the content of a feed.
If some content is gone you cannot get it back as it is no longer provided by the host.

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Thank you Sheldon!  

Thank you Sheldon!