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I recenlty switch from RSSOwl and i am new on QuiteRSS. I would like to clean (delete) read news when i switch from one feed to another. I think i have tried everything to do so. But i could not achive it. Right now i have to run Clean Up. I think i am mssing something here. What can i do to achive that?




unfortunately this is not possible in QuiteRSS.
Just configure the clean-up to delete all news older than f.e. 1 day.
That should do it.

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Alternatively you can create

Alternatively you can create a filter under

Tools -> News filters ...


condition: Status - is - read
action: delete

and run it after you read the news. This filter will also be run at every QuiteRSS launch.

If you don't want to see the read news just use a pre-defined news filter like f. e. "Show Unread" from the news panel.