All subscribed feeds into one window or folder?



firstly I would like to thank you very much for creating, developing and supporting QuiteRSS!

I use it to subscribe to many different blogs to comment on their blog posts. For this, I subscribed to their feeds with QuiteRSS.

But when I launch the program, on the left side it displays each feed I subscribed to in a different folder, so I have first to choose and click a feed to view its posts. But I would rather like to have an including all view, that shows all posts of the different blogs (feeds) I subscribed in one single place or view, chronologically sorted, with the latest (newest) post at the top.

Something like this:

Blog X  | Post Title  | date (newest date)
Blog Y  | Post Title  | date (second newest date)
Blog Z  | Post Title  | date (third newest date)
(and so on)

Is there any way to do this with QuiteRSS?

And a second question, if so ..

How do I do this when some feeds I subscribed to are organized into a separate folder, and I want the view described above only for this folder's feeds?

Thank you very much for your help and aswer!

Best regards,



you can just organize the feeds in folders via drag&drop as you like.
So you can have f. e. a main folder with sub folders as a second, third ..etc level.

If you then f. e. chosse the main folder you see all your news.
The same is true for every level.

A folder can be created using the Add button or via right click.

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