Font scaling issue on Windows high-res monitor


I have installed QuiteRSS version 0.19.1.  However, I have a font and GUI widget scaling issue where the fonts and widgets are too big.  I included screenshots of the issue. 

Main window scaling

Popup scaling

Also I put below some information on my two monitor setup using a DisplayLink docking station.  I have had the problem for a time and get correct scaling if I run QuiteRSS in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Computer:  Dell Inc. - XPS 15 9550
OS:  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (x64-based PC), No Service Pack, English
OS Build:  10.0.19025.1 (Debug = False)
OS Build Label:  19025.vb_release.191112-1414
External monitor (main):  2560x1440x32
Laptop monitor (secondary):  3840x2160
Number of Monitors Connected:  2
Desktop Mode:  Aero
Monitors Connected:
Manufacturer: SHP ProductCode: 143E Serial: 0 Built: 40/2015
U28E850 Manufacturer: SAM ProductCode: 0CCB Serial: HTPH700118 Built: 27/2016


I am having trouble with

I am having trouble with inserting screenshots and I cannot edit my own post to try to fix it.  My first time using an image hosting website.

The links for the images are and 

I added one more screenshot

I hope I provided enough detail.

Unfortunately, I am not able

Unfortunately, I am not able to check