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Klick on a feed does not open the feed in a external browser. Problem since QuiteRss v0.18.3. I use Firefox 44.0 (64bit).

You need to go to Tools

Yeah they updated how you can customise mouse clicking to suite your needs in the latest release.

You need to go to Tools>Options>Feeds and on reading tab set "Action Mouse on News Opening" to open in external browser for the middle drop down setting for double click. This will change the default double click behaviour to open in External Browser.

You can also set individual feeds to open pages differently if you prefer by right cliicking feed and selecting properties then changing the behavior in the reading tab.

The default setting is what you set in the main options menu so its best to so that if like me you prefer to open everything in an external browser

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did you check the browser settings under

Tools -> Options -> Browser ?

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@festershinetop, thanks for

@festershinetop, thanks for your help. I set it to "Open in External Browser" and it works again. yes