Duplicated News


I am getting duplicated news, even with the option "Automatically delete duplicate news" checked. Why?

Here is a screen shot: http://imgur.com/LfAIebC



Maybe the links are different

Maybe the links are different.

This happens with all my

This happens with all my feeds.

How can I fix it?

Did you check the links of

Did you check the links of the duplicated news?

You could also go to

Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Reading

and enable the option

"Automatically mark identical news as read".

Yes, I already have the

How I check the links?

Yes, I already have the option "Automatically mark identical news as read" enabled.

Copy the links to a web

Copy the links to different tabs in a web browser to see and compare them.

If I understood... I copied

If I understood... I copied the links to my browser and it did not showed the duplicates.

You can copy them to a text

You can copy them to a text editor or simply here as well to compare them.

1 - I did not understood what

1 - I did not understood what to do...

2 - Anyway, thanks for trying to help.

David (не проверено)
I am experiencing this as

I am experiencing this as well.
* The doubled entries are like mirroring, but fake entries.
* For me, the doubled entries all display a second time below the first list of expected normal entries (not the second under the first).
* The second/mirrored listing is not reflected in the Feed's New nor Unread totals; the Feeds totals are half of the total displayed.
* Not all Feeds that have the mirror entries are exact double ups; rather sometimes it'll only be 4 out of 5, 2 out of 3, 9 our of 11, etc.
* When deleting the first (actual) entries, I see the Feed's New and Unread counts reduce as expected. But the mirrored entries then display after all the primary entries are deleted, giving the impression there are still unread entries when in reality, there aren't, and the New and Unread lack of counters indicate that indeed, these are duplicate but mirrored entries.
* The mirror entries can't be deleted by clicking the red X either, like the actual entries can be. My cursor changes, indicating the X is a link, but clicking it does not remove the entry. The only way I can clear the mirror entries is to click off of the specific Feed to another one, then back on it. When i do that the whole list of mirror entries no longer displays. However, any links in the mirrored entry do work when clicked e.g. "Open in New Tab"..

** Something I'm still double-checking is whether the mirror entries only happen when all or multiple feeds are being updated simultaneously. So far, any highlighting of a single feed and clicking "Update Feed" in the toolbar has not produced any mirrored entries --but i've just noticed this and it needs further testing.

Dox, did you happen to have imported your Feeds library from a previous version of Qrss? (I did and wonder if there's an issue with that? fwiw, i did not use my prior News Filter file)

Thanks for taking my feedback & any help in resolving this!



did you configure a regular db clean-up?

If not go to

Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Tab Clean-up.

Kind regards,


David (не проверено)
Sheldon, thanks for the

Sheldon, thanks for the consideration.

I have been doing regular cleanups. I even placed the Cleanup icon on my toolbar. Wink
I'm not clear about your Options setting as far as "Tab Clean-up"? I don't have that specifically with Version 0.18.2 (14.07.2015) Revision 3623)
Mine has Tools> Options> Feeds> Clean Up. But no Tab Clean-up. (perhaps you simply meant to click the Clean Up tab/option?)
Under Clean Up, I have "Enable cleanup on shutdown" ticked, along with "Clean up deleted" ticked.
I've had those options ticked all along. And i do the occasional manual cleanup via the toolbar icon as mentioned.
I had not had "Enable DB optimization" ticked before, but ticked it now to give it a test. Having it ticked, and restarting Qrss, I still had duplicates.

Consider too, that this issue is happening upon multiple feeds being updated, thus they are the new, current feeds that are duplicating, and not prior/old feeds during a later update.
This seems to me to point to it not being a DB issue, no? As a habit, I also frequently manually clear my Deleted folder in the Feeds column using right-mouse click> Clear 'Deleted'.

Fwiw too, my continued testing of updating single feeds, one at a time manually, thus far continues to not produce any duplications.
Plus, there's the consideration that once I have deleted that feed's actual entries, then click off that specific feed, then click back on it, the duplicates are no longer there (and they're not in the counts all along).
Thanks again-- Smile

The tab the clean-up options

The tab the clean-up options are located in is named "Clean-up" therefore I wrote "Tab clean up".

I just want to ensure that the db isn't the culprit. What's the feeds.db file size and the number of feeds?

David (не проверено)
Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification regarding the "Tab Cleanup" vs "Cleanup" tab; that was my hunch.

My feeds.db size is 5.73mb
I have 68 feeds (most are set to auto update every 12 hours, a few set to update every hour, a couple or so every 30 mins)
fwiw, i had that same number when i went back to a prior version (0.17) of Qrss for comparison, where i did not have this issue (i used the Export option with it to then Import into 0.18)
[* i am running Qrss from the .zip options and not the .exe installs method, regardless of the version, on Win7x64]

Any thoughts on the issue not happening when i update the same feeds 1 feed at a time manually (using the "Update Current Feed" toolbar button)?


David (не проверено)
* update / latest *

* update / latest *

My preliminary testing indicates that the duplicating issue is happening only when feeds are viewed in the Newspaper layout setting.
I have seen no duplicating when using the Classic layout.

View> Layout> Classic / Newspaper

How i tested:
After Qrss had auto-updated my feeds...
i first opened one of the feeds with the Classic layout selected. The subcolumn displayed the entries only once, no duplicates. I then deleted the feeds one by one. After deleting them all, no duplicates appeared in the subcolumn nor the viewing pane. i repeated this with several feeds, getting the same result: no duplicates
Next, i switched to the Newspaper layout. i then clicked on a feed with new entries. i then deleted the feeds one by one. After deleting them all, there were the duplicates. i repeated this several times, getting the same result: duplicates.
i alternated this pattern with several more feeds, each time getting the same results.

Dox \ anyone experiencing this issue, could you test this with yours?


David (не проверено)
*bump* ?

*bump* ?