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I see duplicate titles in some of my RSS feeds. I checked the feeds in another RSS reader and they're not duplicated there.

Menu - Feeds - Properties -

Menu - Feeds - Properties - Automatically delete duplicate news

Thanks! I didn't see that

Thanks! I didn't see that because I was looking for it under Options - Feeds - Reading. It needs to be set for each feed individually? I set that option on the feed but the duplicates didn't disappear after restarting and updating. When does the deletion happen?

I have the option "Automatically mark identical news as read" checked, but when the duplicates come in they are not marked as read.

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We have to do this with all

We have to do this with all feeds, one by one. I tried and we can't do this on the entire folder.

I recently learned that this

I recently learned that this is pretty deadly for feeds of lazy tumblr users - apparently, the default (re-)post title is "Photo", and QuiteRSS kills them all as duplicates. Even on brand new feeds. Content (i.e. link, date/time) isn't checked, it's classified as duplicate once the very generic title appears once again. I'd call that a bug.


btw, a warm thanks to the forum administration - just re-created my account that somehow got deleted.



please provide a feed url for testing.

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