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I use QuteRss on my Ubuntu 16.04 computer. For some time, I noticed that the database size are permanently increasing, insteed of vacuum it, and cleaning up. I remember that a couple month ago, for ~10-20k unread news database had ~100Mb, but now on the same number of unread news it have ~400Mb.

Also, when I click on one folder from feeds, no news will be displayed for any folder or feed any more.



your feeds.db seems to be corrupted. That can be caused by system crashes or non proper system shutdowns.

If you don't mind loosing the data you can just export your subscriptions to an OPML file under

File -> Export fedds..

start with a fresh QuiteRSS installation.

Otherwise you can try to repair the database. I recommend using SQLiteExpert. You can get it from

Don't hesitate to ask for help on this if you need it.

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Thanks for an answer.

Thanks for an answer.

Can you tell me please, how to repair database? I use DB Browser for SQLite for Ubuntu to execute queries. Or at least tell me how to export not only feeds, but also unread news.



You can't repair the db with

You can't repair the db with DB Browser for SQLite. But if you are familiar with SQL we can try a diffent approach. You should backup the feeds.db before that!!!

Please run this query.

Select * from news where deleted = 2

You should find a lot of records. You can delete them.

Delete from news where deleted = 2

Afterwards you shall vacuum the db. What's the db size after that?

Nothing changed. Maybe

Nothing changed. Maybe because in settings of quiterss I cheked "Enable cleanup on shutdown".

I install SQLiteExpert in a windows vm machine, what actions is required to repair feeds.db?

Or maybe is there a possibility to export feeds and unreads news, and then import in new db?

Please always backup the db

Please always backup the db before doing something like this !!!

In SQLite Expert please go to

Database -> Check

You will receive a list of records. Probabaly they contain index conflicts.
These records need to be deleted.

After that you can check the db again or try

Database -> Reindex

At the end i recommend to vacuum the db.

You can always fetch all unead news records by

Select * from news where read = 0.

This list can be easily exported with f. e. DB Browser for SQLite by

Right Click - > Export to SQL or Text file

But you might export the trouble as well!