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Not sure what I've done, if anything, but QuiteRSS window on a Windows 10 pro 64 machine is blank beneath the main menu bar and feeds toolbar.  The icon in the system tray indicates new items but the feeds list previously on the left of the screen has vanished.

Grateful for suggestions.

Why are there so many issues

Why are there so many issues Windows 10? Do you update it constantly? No idea what the reason for this issue is but found following information from the best essays: there should be a very small arrowhead at the left edge of the screen hard to notice which might be clicked accidently.

Bill Lee
Also lost appearance of feeds

Also lost appearance of feeds and feed categories today.  Win 7, 64 bit.

Still get a popup of new news. 

But no display on QUITERSS with the left side panel for the news groups, and the right (main) panel for headlines, below right, the open text item.

Still have a very large FEED.DB list, which I quickly copied to a new name.  (large being 500 megabytes)

But it just doesn't display. 

Somewhere in the last shut done something was not set properly



it seems that your feeds.db is corrupted. I would recommend to save your feed subscriptions under

File -> Export Feeds...

and start with a fresh db. There you can imports your subscriptions under

File -> Import Feeds...

A 500 MB db file is much too big. I would recommand to set cleanup options under

Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Clean-Up

to avoid such a problem in the future.

Kind regards,


Bill Lee
Ahh!   So 500 MB ( I never

Ahh!   So 500 MB ( I never delete, except duplicates, and keep everything) is too much? 

Is there an address size limit?   2 to what power?   In 64 bit is the limit increased?  Is it hard-wired into the software? Is there a warning bell when limit approaches.

When I was using Thunderbird, the files, much more RSS feeds than I am presently using with QuiteRSS, took up 6 Gigs.

Wit the current QuiteRSS only 50 feeds, and most as headline + summary.

I'll take your advice to read in the old feed.db and then use that to clean up, or at least preserve the OPML list once every couple of weeks.

Thanks for a wonderful program that we are pushing beyond your imagining with our storage desires.



Bill Lee

>it seems that your feeds.db is corrupted. I would recommend
>to save your feed subscriptions under
>File -> Export Feeds...
>and start with a fresh db. There you can imports your
>subscriptions under
>File -> Import Feeds...

        The File > Export Feeds only creates
        an OPML file

        So what does File > Import Feeds do other than
        pull in an OPML List?

        Can IMPORT Feeds extract the links from a FEED.DB files?

        I see that you mentioned
        to read the FEED.DB file.
        Can SQLiteBrowser extract the Feeds from a FEED.DB file?
>A 500 MB db file is much too big. I would recommand to set

>cleanup options under
>Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Clean-Up
>to avoid such a problem in the future.
>Kind regards,


A lot of questions! Let's see

A lot of questions! Let's see! Smile

First of all there is no other db size limit.than the record limit set by SQLite that you will never reach. But the more records you hold in the db the more the SQL queries get slowed down. If you additionally configure QuiteRSS to store the db in the memory a big db may slow down QuiteRSS.

The reason why your db is that big is that f, e, deleting duplicates means that those records are marked as deleted. They are not physically deleted from the db, So they are still in the db. The physical deletion is handled by the clean-up...

From my experience the following rough estimation fits quite well.

If the number of records deplayed in QuiteRSS nearly meets the db size in KB then the db is fine. An example:

1000  records in QuiteRSS should lead to a db size of around 1 MB..

You are right! The feed export and import only handle the subscriptions in an OPML file.

I don't know if you are familiar with SQL. The standard way to export data from a SQLite db is a dump command from the comman line using sqlite3,exe. For information refer to


You can use the db browser for an export as well but I would not recommend this way. Be aware that if the db is corrupted you may export corrupted data.





Bill Lee


So your earlier advice to someone else

29.12.2016 17:59


"I would recommend to backup the files feeds.db and QuiteRSS.ini on a regular base in the future."

   So, save "Feeds" which is Copy the feed addresses (OPML) to "QuiterSS-YEAR-Month-Day.OPML every week or two,(or less often if they don't get added to or subtracted from very much).

   With QuiteRSS off, copy Feeds.db to QuiteRSS-2017-01-06.db and so on, every week, or every two weeks

   Save QuiteRSS.ini, a 300 line settings list to QuiteRSS-2017-01-06.ini about the same schedule as the Feeds.OPLM pages

   Saving As Name-year-month-day.suffixextension allows a quick sort of the collection of filss in the QuiteRSS directories and the back up dirrectories.

   Test all files such as feeds.db by Copying QuiteRSS-2016-12-20.db to FEEDS.db every so often, (FIRST having backed up the FEEDS.db.)

       I found a November FEEDS.db in a back up disk for late November, my only other non-corrupted DB file other than one which had been copied to QuiteRSS-2016-06-25,db so I didn't lose more than a month of back feeds.

       Somehow I think that such precautions should be spelled out on initial installation of new versions.  Look into QuiteRSS\data\settings and copy the INI and DB files OUT to new, meaningful names when QuiteRss is off.

       Thanks for your advice.

        My feeds.DB is still at 390 Mbytes, for 140 RSS feed sources.   I am happy.

       And now to your reference on SQLite at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/sqlite/sqlite_commands.htm

        Also http://www.sqlitetutorial.net/

       I see there is a new SQLite release today.Stable release 3.16.0 (January 2, 2017)

Limits  from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_relational_database_manageme...

MAX DB SIZE     128 TB (231 pages * 64 KB  page size)
MAX TABLE SIZE  Limited by file size
MAX ROW SIZE    Limited by file size



had blank screen as well, quite baffling, but there is a (very) tiny little arrow on the very left side of the blank page, click opens the feed list in leftsided panel, not very easy to spot! when I went to the layout option it made no difference when page was still blank




you can use the shortcut Ctrl+D as well.

Kind regards,


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Should anyone come across

Should anyone come across this thread, I'm adding my vote for Sheldon's CTL-D answer. So easy, so fast, so right! Thanks so much. Dirol