Consolidated view of all feeds?


I like how the feed you're currently looking at is highlighted on the left, but what I would really like is to have a 'master' list of entries from all of my feeds, so that I can easily read all of my things in true chronological order, rather than going feed by feed.

I see that you can add a column called "feed title", which gives me the impression that what I want can be done, I just don't know how to set it up. Could someone let me know how to do this, if possible?

Fantastic program, by the way, I was especially impressed at the presence of AdBlock within the internal browser.

Forum wouldn't let me edit my

Forum wouldn't let me edit my post, so I'll just post here that I partially figured it out. Looking at the "unread" category mostly does what I want, only thing is I want everything to be in there, even after I read it, in case I accidentally skip past something and want to go back or something. Is there a way to create an "all" category or something? The hardcoded "default" one will do fine for now, since I noticed that it doesn't remove read items from the list until I navigate away from that category (which is something I might just never do), but just in case...

Again, thanks in advance!



You can add root folder "All Feeds", for example, and drag all you feeds (and subfolders) into created one.

When you choose root folder you will see every news of every feed.