QuiteRSS 0.17.0 (03.09.2014)

Основные изменения:

  • Добавлено: Вид "Газета" (Вид->Макет->Газета)
  • Добавлено: Поддержка прокси Socks5
  • Изменено: Открытие новости при использовании внешнего браузера
  • Исправлено: Сортировка по заголовку лент в списке новостей

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problems with news deletion

problems with news deletion in newspaper mode. rare behaviour.

newspaper mode needs a

newspaper mode needs a dedicated button for news deletion since toolbar button does not work properly.

Function to remove the news

Function to remove the news we did not to realize. In the next version will be.

Not sure how, but it would

Not sure how, but it would nice to have a way to mark just part of the news as read when you doesn't want to read the entire feed at once (Newspaper View).

The newspaper view does not

The newspaper view does not update for me. I have to go to classic to see any news that has just arrived. When I go back to newspaper then it appears. Also, what is the location of the .html newspaper stream on the local computer? So I could do a text search in a browser? Probably something like

I like the newspaper view !

I like the newspaper view !

What I would need is a keyboard shortcut that toggle the view to newspaper/normal.

And/or maybe an icon to do the same in the flux toolbar with "esc" button to go back to normal view

thanks !





Прошу подумать о добавлении

Прошу подумать о добавлении такой кнопки, что бы можно было выносить ее на панель.
И еще в формате газеты, отмечать ленты прочитанными в контекстном меню, щелкнув по заголовку. А еще удобнее значок в заголовке.

Hie, I have transistioned

Hie, I have transistioned over to quiterss from google reader and wish for this one feature to be there in quiterss which was in google reader as well, it is the stats of my feeds. This helped me understand how much i can read and subscribe to feeds accordingly, also unsubscribe from the ones which were spammy. Please add this somehow.