QuiteRSS 0.10.0 (18.07.2012)

Main Changes:

  • Note: Reappear news, which already have been marked read (0.8.x, 0.9.x -> 0.10.x) (More...)
  • Added: Tabs. Open news in new tab
  • Added: Tabs. Open link from news in new tab
  • Added: User filters (case sensitive)
  • Added: Feed option: "Display feed on startup". If enabled, show feed in new tab on startup
  • Added: Feed option: "Load images". Specific behavior for every feed
  • Added: Ability to subscribe to feed from Firefox
  • Added: Application option: External browser selection
  • Added: More shortcuts
  • Added: Quick news filter and find in browser
  • Added: Notification on new news
  • Added: Swedish translation
  • Added: Serbian translation
  • Changed: GUI. Some visual tweaks
  • Changed: Opening tabs in more smooth
  • Fixed: Some feeds did not work
  • Fixed: Can't detect date and time of some feeds
  • Fixed: Can't load icon of some feeds
  • Fixed: Deleting news (smaller size of database)
  • Fixed: Application crash in Windows, due to lack of QtSvg4.dll

Download: here

Нововведения и изменения в QuiteRSS

Что из нового будет в следующей версии QuiteRSS:

  • Уведомление о входящих новых новостях



  • Быстрый фильтр новостей и поиск текста в браузере



  • А также изменения затронут и интерфейс. Новая заставка, дополнительные кнопки, пункты меню. Некоторых кнопок на главной панели инструментов не станет, появятся другие.

Ожидайте, осталось не долго Wink

QuiteRSS 0.9.1 (31.05.2012)

Main Changes:

  • Note: Reappear news, which already have been marked read (0.8.x -> 0.9.x) (More...)
  • Added: Tabs. Ability to open feeds in new tab
  • Added: Ability to choose browser position ("View->Browser position")
  • Added: New columns in feeds list ("Feeds->Columns")
  • Added: Hotkey "Home", "End" in feeds list and news list
  • Changed: GUI. Some visual tweaks
  • Fixed: Keyboard layout in unix systems
  • Fixed: Default application icon instead on QuiteRSS icon in unix systems
  • Fixed: Hang while updating some feeds
  • Fixed: Duplicate news in RSS-feeds

Download: here