QuiteRSS falls

QuiteRSS may falls during daylight if there are a lot of feeds and update frequency is 5-10 minutes. After week of testing and debugging the bug was fixed. Wait for new version in couple days!

QuiteRSS 0.12.1 (05.02.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Authorization support
  • Added: Cookies support
  • Added: Minimum limit of automatic update period set to 1 second
  • Added: Ability to save browser page ("Browser"->"Save as...")
  • Added: Shortcut to undelete news: "CTRL+Z" (Undo delete)
  • Added: More shortcuts
  • Added: Ability to switch on next/previous unread news
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: Finding unread news depends on sort
  • Changed: In "Deleted" category news is sorted by delete time stamp
  • Fixed: Error updating feeds (lasts from 0.10.3+)
  • Fixed: Automatic cleanup on shutdown
  • Fixed: Saving cursor position in news list
  • Fixed: Reset new news counter of feed while selecting one and choose another

Download: here