Increasing productivity

Yippee!!! Productivity of feeds tree has been increased to 100 times Lol

On startup with 280 feeds и 15 folders, expand whole tree has elapsed ~ 7000 ms, after fixing ~ 70 ms.

Adding/deleting/moving feeds runs invisible to user (if option "Store DB in memory" enabled)

News and application style

Now every user can change news/application style by oneself.
Styles are situated in "style" folder: "*.qss" - application's styles и "news.css" - news' style.

Example: change news title's color in file "news.css":

  1. find class element ".title"
  2. set propertie's value "color"

New finished news style from user RRRRRRRRUSH:

Donwload: RStyle_v1.1

You may upload your style here: Styles

QuiteRSS 0.12.5 (22.04.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Disk cache and pages cache for embedded browser
  • Added: Ability sorted feeds by name ("Feeds->Sort by Name")
  • Added: Option: "Simplified representation of date and time"
  • Added: Options: "Don't delete starred news", "Don't delete labeled news"
  • Added: Option: "Automatically collapse folders"
  • Added: Option: "Run QuiteRSS at Windows startup" (Windows)
  • Added: Tab context menu items: "Close tab" and "Close Other tabs"
  • Added: Ability to move main toolbar (toolbar context menu->Lock toolbar)
  • Added: "Link" and "Title Feed" columns in news list
  • Added: Click to Flash
  • Added: CSS for news (folder "style")
  • Added: User style for browser
  • Added: Alt+left click - opens news/link in external browser (Windows)
  • Added: Simplified news find field
  • Added: More buttons available for toolbar
  • Added: More shortcuts
  • Added: Language: Greek
  • Added: Language: Chinese (Taiwan)
  • Added: Language: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: Increase performance updating feeds
  • Changed: Ability assign shortcuts for "Share"
  • Changed: Delete folders containing feeds
  • Changed: Ability to edit application styles(folder "style")
  • Fixed: Mark all news read in categories
  • Fixed: Focus while opening link in external browser
  • Fixed: Minimize to tray on tray-click (Linux)
  • Fixed: Recounting feeds count after group operations
  • Fixed: Moving tab content while moving tabs
  • Fixed: Deleting default buttons from toolbar
  • Fixed: Application startup in Archlinux (KDE)
  • Fixed: Show on top in full screen mode
  • Fixed: Loop while adding/updating feed
  • Fixed: Updating some feeds
  • Fixed: News duplicates
  • Fixed: Find next/previous feed

Download: here

Changes in QuiteRSS

Changes in next version of QuiteRSS:

  • Fast web page downloading in embedded browser - using disk cache and page cache
  • Block flash-content (plugin Click to Flash)
  • Ability to edit news and application style (css-files in "style" folder)
  • Prompt opening of news/browser link in external browser with shortcut Alt+Left click
  • Ability to change position of main toolbar
  • etc, as well as bug fixes

Version 0.12.5 will be available in few days.