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I'm a Feedreader 3.14 user.

In this tool there's the possibility to create what they call a "Search Feed". When creating a "Search Feed", you select the list of services to contact (google news, msn search, etc...) and you select the word(s) you want to track. A pseudo-feed is then added to the other feeds and contains only the entries matching the word(s) in the selected services.

My "Search Feeds" are not exported in the opml file by Feedreader. So I suspect they are not standard. But they are useful, at least for me.

How can I create a "Search Feed", or something similar, in QuiteRSS?

I tried using "Tools / News Filters" but I didn't succeed.




to create what you call "Search Feed" you can collect the feeds from the different services like google news, msn search, etc.
and put them together in one folder you could name "Search Feed".

To search for dedicated words in this "Search Feed" you can create a filter.
For this go to

Tools -> News Filters...

and click the button "New" to create a new filter.

In the following screen you can define the filter conditions and assign this filter to your "Search Feed" (right side of the screen).

After applying this filter you see all the news matching the defined filter in you "Search Feed".

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But this way I can only create 1 "Search Feed". Indeed if I create 2 folders, I cannot include the same service (google news as an example) in both folders.

Furthermore, in News Filters / Filter Rules popup I have to adopt a negative strategy: if News DoesNotContain MySearchedWord then Delete. There's no positive filter.


If you want to create

If you want to create multiple "Search Filters" they can again be collected in a main folder.
If you want to apply multiple filters f.e. to the google news service feed you can put this to the new main folder.
You can apply as many filters to a feed as you like.

Of course positive conditions are possible. You can always use regular expressions.
Maybe a concret example would be the best try. Just provide one complete example for a "Search Filter".
Then we can work out the best way together.

Too much complicated. I stay

Too much complicated. I stay on Feedreader. Even if not maintained for years.

Thanks for your support.