Dynamically changed the name of the app window according to the read article

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Hello, maybe it's such a possibility, but I didn't find it. Maybe someone already wanted it, but I didn't find it.

When I use QuiteRSS, the name of the application window changes to:

The name of the RSS feed - QuiteRSS. That's fine. But I need that if I open an article in the internal web browser, to change the name of the application window:

The name of the open page - The name of the RSS feed - QuiteRSS.

This is important to me because I use ManicTime Tracker. So far I have used WebRSS. I was able to search for this in the history of the web browser or in ManicTime Tracker. When I use QuiteRSS, I can't reconstruct what I've ever read. Until you get this option, I need to use webRSS. Otherwise I would stay with Feedreader 3.14 (when g2reader shuts down, I return to the RSS application.). Evolution has shown me that I need it. Not often, but sometimes I could only find some information with it. 

Will it be possible to put this option in the settings option?

Or/plus the ability to log which pages were opened in the internal browser? Title, web address, date, time? browser_history.log? I only found the settings for cache.

There is a lot of information, just finding them in the future is a problem, for me.

Thank you very much!