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Alas the systray icon looks like a stranger in my KDE SC environment. It seems to be smaller than the other systray icons (the icons in the KDE SC tray are in size 24, the quiterss icons seems to be 16 or 22?) and it doesn't match the style/color of the other systray icons. It would be great if it would be possible to change the icon via an SVG image in a KDE plasma theme. If no KDE SC is used and/or if no quiterss.svg/svgz is available in the icons section of the theme the tray icon should use your default icon. But if a quiterss.svg/svgz is availabe in the current KDE SC plasma theme then that one should be used. 

I'm also having issues with

I'm also having issues with this. I've even tried changing the QuiteRSS icons in /usr/share/ to no effect. Is there any update on what's happening with this, if it's likely to be changed in the near future, or even where the current icons are stored so I can manually change them on my system?

Fixed! Sort of. Bit of an

Fixed! Sort of. Bit of an extreme solution but I downloaded the source, replaced the icons and compiled my own custom QuiteRSS build so now I can rest easy with the icon of my choice in the system tray.

Later, I would like to make

Later, I would like to make the application icons in a separate directory.

Personally my preference

Personally my preference would be for having a single SVG icon instead of 7 or 8 PNG icons. I'm not sure how that would work in practice or on other operating systems though, I'm using Quite RSS on the KDE edition of Linux Mint.