how to display news summary after clicked a category or a feed

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I was using greatnews before QuiteRSS,

in this picture, it display news summary on the right side after clicked a category or feed.


is it possiable to display it in QuiteRSS ? like this

another problem:


the url in the red box should be just like


but "" was added before the real link.

I don't really want to click the link in QuiteRSS, but just right click on the link in the browser in the bottom and make a copy then paste to my downloader.

but is is not a valid magnet link,

the right one in the bottom (description area) , it is not able to press Ctrl-a , Ctrl-c there. it is too long to select it with mouse too.

thanks !





let's do this step by step.

Regarding the summary issue please try

View -> Layout -> Newspaper.

Is that what you are looking for?

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newspaper layout is better

newspaper layout is better than the classic,

by the way, I just found  a screenshot of GreatNews,

it combined the two layout, maybe just displaying two layout in same window. then user can cilck news in the top to mark as read, copy link from bottom,

just for reference, maybe nobody like this, because I don't read the news(magnet link of films), just leave interested news unread to remember which episode has beend downloaded.


thanks! QuiteRSS it great !

To select the parameter part

To select the parameter part of a specific magnet link from a new's decription
please go to the decription part of a news and use the horizontal scroller
at the bottom to scroll to the right end of the decription. Now click at the end of the link
and move with your mouse to the left end to select the whole link.
Aftre the link is completely selected use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to get it into your download manager.