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  I use QuiteRSS for quite a while now, mainly the Web Browser function, it have flash-blocker and Ad-blocker integrated, and need a few of resources to work.

  I have encountered a first problem, when a feed have a large quantity of entry when passing from one feed view to another the loading time can be pretty long, rarely the app crash, but more commonly the window go to "not responding" for a little moment.

  Then the best for this will be to create an Archive System, directly integrated in the feeds tree would be great, like this it's possible to keep only the important feeds and delete the others. Well it's only one way to do this, but improvements on the feeds list is needed, I think.

  The second thing will be to have a Recycle Bin, sometimes I delete an entry that I want to keep, and then can't retrieve it without deleting the feed and retrieve all the existing entry… .

  A better management of the Tags can be useful too, my custom list is long and it take all the height of my screen when opening the menu ^^".
  I wanted to add custom icons on my feeds folders too, hope to see this function one day, like a user skinable interface : )

I have seen others problems when using the Web Browser, there is some sites (like http://paymoapp.com when login and wanting to open the web-app) that don't work, it's common that the links that use anchors or sometimes JavaScript links don't work, but if I remember some improvements have been made (on some sites that not worked before a certain update I can now use them).
  Sometimes when I want to cancel a action, with CTRL+Z, QuiteRSS crash instantly… but I don't have seen this on the last build 0.17.6, for now at last.

Sometimes I can't put flash videos on full-screen too, a chance that we can zoom in/out on a web page.
I encounter this on http://anime4you.com principally.

  Oh, and some integration of others tool can be interesting too, I am glade that http://getpocket.com is there, but a password management like http://lastpass.com can be extremely useful !
  Or a way to install some extensions? I have seen on some website that QuiteRSS is recognized as Safari Browser, but I don't really know if the browser is based on this engine.

I think that is all, if I see or remember some things I will be glad to add them on the Forums.

Thanks for the great work !

Unfortunately, some problems

Unfortunately, some problems of embedded browser because of webkit core.