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Guys, thank you. QuiteRSS is the best feedreader I have ever seen. Fantastic job.

I have two suggestions that would make my reading smoother. Both have to do with using folders to mark feeds read.

Currently I have "Mark Read when leaving feed" enabled. The problem is that I have grouped my feeds into category folders. So when I leave a folder, which might contain several feeds, nothing gets marked Read. I believe that either the folders should behave like the feeds in this regard, or there should be a separate option to cover this.

The other problem I'm having is that when I do mark all posts Read before leaving a folder, and then go to the higher-level folder in the hierarchy, the posts' new Read status, while detected in the higher folder, does not filter them out of its "Show Unread" View. I have to jog the View by selecting some other one and then coming back to Unread in order to hide the posts. It seems to me that once those posts were marked Read they should not be seen in any Show Unread View.

I hope these ideas are clear. Thanks again for a great job.



What is your OS?

What is your OS? I can give you a test version for Windows.

I'm on Win7 x32. Thanks.

I'm on Win7 x32. Thanks.

Portable version: https:/
Thanks, but the hash did not

Thanks, but the hash did not match up. I think I'll wait for the full release. Thanks again.

Perfect on both counts in

Perfect on both counts in newest release. Awesome job once again.

I do, however, see a potential problem with the new arrangement. I went to my main folder, in order to test whether it now hid the articles just marked "Read" in its subfolders. It did. But when I then left the higher-level folder and returned to one of its subfolders, everything was marked Read and hidden in all its subfolders. Leaving the main folder marked all new articles Read!

I'm not sure what, if anything, should be done about this, other than having an optional exception for individual folders. And I don't know if that's practical. For now, I'll avoid leaving QuiteRSS parked on the top folder when I close it, lest I mark all incoming articles Read as soon as I navigate to any of the various subfolders. I've created a dummy folder I can park on when closing the prog.

Thanks and God bless.