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First of all thanks for this very flexible & convenient feed tool.

Feeddemon like news' details below each title would be very time saving. So we can decide to open or not the news' url.


Thank for implementing

Thank for implementing Newspaper layout, however I see that issues #99 is "fixed" and probably wont get any update.

The problem with the current Newspaper is, it incomplete. Can you make it more flexible? See the image of how FeedDemon does it, it offer 3 mode for it Newspaper layout, currently QuiteRSS show everything (articles expanded), which is one of the 3 layout.

Headlines / Summary mode will display the full News articles if you click on it whereas the Full Posts display everything (what QuiteRSS currently can do).

What good about Headlines/Summary is that image/video/etc does not load/download until you open the articles (save resource and bandwidth).