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Klaas Vaak

Hey guys, I understand you don't want spammers here, so your rather long-winded captcha routine is understandable (though the length of time is still unnecessarily long IMO).

But once I am in, I don't expect to have to go through a similarly long-winded process AGAIN just to post a text, it does not add anything. If your system has accepted someone as not a robot or spammer, the posting "verification" becomes ridiculous. Suggest you drop it.



unfortunately it's not that simple.

In the past we faced a lot of problems regarding spam. Even already accepted users started spamming after a while because they intended to do so from the beginning. Clearing up that mess kept us very busy.

Perhaps on the one hand you might be right and our current system is too restrictive.
From your perspective it might seem annoying and inconvenient.
I don't like to deal with captchas, too! I guess nobody does!

But on the other hand because of the current system we are able to focus on the users' questions and problems. This is a big advantage and very important to us because this improves the forum's quality.
So on the long run it's also an advantage for you.

I hope this helps to understand our point of view.

Kind regards,