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I have been a RSSOwl user for over five years.  I have tried QuiteRSS and like it for its speed and its ease of use.

But one feature will stop me moving to from RSSOwl to QuiteRSS is "Saved Searches".  They are not filters.  I keep two folders for Saved Searches (one for work and one for interests) used to search for keywords across different folders of feeds.  Each Saved Search looks for different keywords across the entire article in different combinations of folders.  Each Saved Search looks like a feed itself and an article "read" in the Saved Search is also marked "read" in the feed (inlcuding duplicate articles).  I have also grouped Saved Searches in folders so I can see all searches or click on one Saved Search at just articles of that search.

Is there a Saved Search feature planned for QuiteRSS?  With the large number of feeds I use, I cannot be without it.

Use labels and filters.

Use labels and filters.

Andy Seabrook (not verified)
Very similar position I cant

Very similar position I cant wait to ditch RSSOwl - keep trying but nothing is cutting the bacon as yet.
Saved searches are critical for me.124K feed items in RSSOwl at the moment. I scan the topics that are important to me amongst a raft of saved searches. Either for Must Read authors, or keywords in titles / body depending on the throughput of material. So @Funcy-dcm suggests labels and filters weel I see how to add labels but I dont see how to bind a filter to a label. If I create a label the only option for it appears to be to open in a tab - but how do I get feeds into it - typing in Israel (for instance, or any other term) in the filter box when the tab is open returns nothing. What am I missing.

However what is somewhat

However what is somewhat exciting is that you are using sqlite as the back-end so I should it seems be able to connect with MS-Access or PHP and process searches anyway that I wish! Fo the moment then I may jsu t use quiteRSS to fetch the feeds and create an access quickie solution. I am finding the interface to be unstable it has crashed almost every time I have done a search or tried to use the filter. But hopefully you will be able to iron all of this out in time, so that I dont have to fiddle with my own solution (not the most productive choice) - but big up guys.