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Hello, is there any chance to put Run Filter button on the toolbar? 

Actually, I want to create a search folder that filters all my feed according my creterias. I prefer it can appears as a feed at feeds toolbar (RSSOwl has that option) but I guess the search folder mechanism is filtering in QuiteRSS, so I do not want to filter my feeds like Tools -> News Filters -> Run Filter every time. I want to shortcut at feeds toolbar. Is it possible?

I can write it to Github if it is possible upgrade.

Thank you



please go to

Tools -> Options -> Keyboard Shortcuts

and define a shortcut of your choice for the action

"News Filters...". 

Unfortunately you will have to click the button "Run Filter".

Alternatively you can press 5 times "Tab" and finally "ENTER".

To create a button on the feeds toolbar please go to

View -> Customize Toolbar -> Feeds Toolbar...

and add the "News Filters...". button.

Of course you can use the "Update All Feeds" button (Ctrl+F5) too. All news filters will be applied.

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