Possible Implementations? (IMO)

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Firstly I would just like to say that I only started using QuiteRSS do to an SSL issue with my previous RSS reader (RSSOwl) and because of this certain feeds weren't working in that software so I decided to look for an alternative and came across QuiteRSS. While QuiteRSS resolves the issue I had with RSSOwl I believe that QuiteRSS could be improved (IMO) by adding/changing the following things and was wondering are this possible implementations?:
(1.) A Feedly Sync - A way for the user to connect QuiteRSS so that if the user reads the feeds on Feedly the next time you start QuiteRSS those feeds will be marked read.
(2.) Move News Filter Action - One thing I really liked about RSSOwl is that in the filter setting if an item matched the rule it could move that item to a new area. I think this would be a really added function since it would allow the user to separate the filtered contents from the original feed and make the filtered content more distinguishable from the rest of the content. I know QuiteRSS can add a label & star to a feed item but in my opinion it doesn’t inform them as well as a separate area for that content would.
Move News Example - https://imgur.com/a/usB5K
(3.) Only Get Notifications For Items That Match The Filter Rule - Instead of getting notifications for the whole feed or creating two separate filter actions to counteract each other it would be EXTREMLY beneficial to allow QuiteRSS to notify the user only when something matches the filter rule or a complete feed you’ve allowed to notify you.
Filter Notifications Example - https://imgur.com/a/usB5K
(4.) Don't Close Notification Until The User Presses X - Instead of setting it to the max amount of seconds to stop the notification from disappearing it would be useful to turn off the close notification setting so that it would remain on the scree until the user gets rid of it manually.
Notification Settings Example - https://imgur.com/a/usB5K
(5.) Feed Not Responding Notification - A possible setting that the user could turn on if they want to be notified if a feed is not responding. This would be very helpful for people that have lots of feeds inside folders and cant see the little X on the feed icon.
(6.) Improved Internal Browser Displaying - This improvement isn't a major thing but it seems that some other RSS readers present the content in their internal browsers a lot cleaner and clearer than QuiteRSS.
Browser Display Comparison Example - http://imgur.com/L6SEqiW
(7.) Added Share Options - Like the previous improvement I mentioned this isn't a major thing but it would be really nice to have more added share options like Reddit & Pinterest added to the share options. It would also be an added bonus for the user o be able to remove share options they might not use like Twitter, Live Journal or Blogger.

Whilst I think QuiteRSS could be improved to make the software better I would just like to say thank you for the people that created it and put their own time into making it. QuiteRSS has some unique features that other RSS readers don’t have and that makes it that little bit better. Some of those unique features are: Changing feed icon, all toolbars customization, full QuiteRSS backups and OPML backups. Another thing I like about QuiteRSS is how well it handles mass amounts of feeds. When I used RSSOwl it was always crashing/not responding and that doesn't happen at all with QuiteRSS. So please keep up the amazing work & I will be looking forward to future updates.