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Is it possible to export my feeds with their filters attached to them?

I only have desktop version and would love to look at my feeds on-the-go (on non-apple mobile device)

Which app do you use to look

Which app do you use to look at your feeds on your mobile device?

I primarily use inoreader.

I primarily use inoreader. Does that add to the factor?

(If it matters, inoreader does have a regex feature, but it has a 200 character limit which QuiteRss has no problem bypassing)

So back to my original concern. Exporting feeds with filters attached to them.

*feeds with filter attached

*feeds with filter attached to them

The regular interface to

The regular interface to transfer feeds from one tool to another is an OPML file. This is what you get using the menu "File" -> "Export Feeds ...".
As far as I know there is no way to export the filter rules from QuiteRSS. Honestly something like this wouldn't make sense.
The filter management in inoreader will probalbly be completely different from the handling in QuiteRSS. So there is no chance that inoreader will understnad QuiteRSS filters.
If you have many rules in QuiteRSS to be tranfered to inoreader you can do it on db level because the rules are stored in the feeds.db. There you can get their relation to the feeds as well. If you have this you can translate the rules to filters inoreader understands. So you don't have to start completely fresh. But I don't know which data technology inoreader is based on. Maybe a data import via SQL is possible.

We are not planning the

We are not planning the implementation of export feeds with filters.

Thank you for your opinions

Thank you for your opinions and responses.