No notification window on Mac with v0.18.9

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I have installed the tool and added some feeds.

Notification settings are as shown but I never saw a notification window.

Pressing Review show the window...


Quote: Notification settings

Notification settings are as shown

Can not attach the screenshot ;(

You can give a link to the

You can give a link to the screenshot

Maybe someone can send

Maybe someone can send working settings?
Might be more useful than a screenshot of mine not working ones wink

You can delete the settings.

You can delete the settings. Then they will be the default. The path to the settings "Help - About - Information"

Notifications appear briefly

Notifications appear briefly in the top-right corner of the screen or stay there until you dismiss them.

Mail and Calendar notifications in the upper-right corner of the screen
You can set options in Notifications preferences to change how notifications appear, and stop or pause them.

View notifications you receive
Get details: Click Show, or click the notification.

Respond to email or text messages: Click Reply.

Save an AirDrop item to the desktop: Drag the item from the notification to the desktop. (Otherwise, AirDrop items are saved to the Downloads folder.)

Respond to calls: Click Accept or Decline. To reply using the Messages app, click the disclosure triangle next to Decline, then choose Reply with Messages.

Choose when to update software: Click Later, then choose a time. For more information about updating, see Keep your Mac up to date.

Repeat a notification: Click Snooze. The notification reappears 15 minutes later. To choose when the notification reappears, click and hold Snooze, then choose a time.