How to search text within post and post title?

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I am wondering how to seach the text within the post title and within posts. The results page would have the search terms highlighted, similar to how Outlook works with search terms in yellow. Seems there should be an option to search the post title at least, but I was not able to find it. So far, I just see the ability to filter the title of the RSS Feeds themselves. I am a new user, so if you have the solution, please remember that with guidance. Thanks! 

There is a find field on the

There is a find field on the tight of the news toolbar. This field contains drop-down menu which helps you to specify the scope of your search.

Maybe I did not understand,

Maybe I did not understand, but what you suggests just filters the RSS feeds themselves (using 'name' or 'link'), not the post titles or contents. Is there a way to search the contents of individual posts in each group, then highlight the search term?