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When you click the "unread" category, then you will only see the items which have nog been read. When you read the items, then you also see the it is marked as read in this list. But the read items remain in this list. Then you first have to manually switch to another feed, and then back to the unread category to get the get the list updated.

Is there a way to refresh the items listed in the "unread" category, e.g. via a hot-key combination?

It would be also nice that the list is updated as soon as you open the program when it is minimized in the tray. Because at this moment it just shows the items which were in the list before the program was minimized. So it still shows read items in the "unread" category.

We were a FeedReader user, and in this program it worked like that.

Is this something we can configure in the program, or should it be seen as a feature request?



to configure the system's handling of read news go to

Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Tab Reading.

Additionally you can go to

Tools -> Options -> Keyboard Shortcuts

and define a shortcut for "Filter News".

If you set the predefined filter to f. e. "Show Unread"

the news list will be refreshed after applying the shortcut.

If a feed requires an authentication please refer to

Right click on the feed -> Properties (Ctrf+P) -> Authentication.

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