How to download podcast (under Windows 10)?

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I have a question of a beginner : I am trying to download poadcasts after having selected them. I just want to save MP3 files on my disk.
I absolutely see nothing to do that.
How to do this function?
Note: I am under Windows 10.
Thank you for you help.



to download a podcast item file go to the body of the news representing the podcast item. Under the media player you find a link. By performing a right click on this link and selecting the option "Save Link..." you can download the item file to your prefered location.

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Thank you Sheldon.

Thank you Sheldon.

It would be more usable for me with the possibility to select several items to download, and very very well to have each file getting the date and description of the item (and not the real name on the server).

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Unfortunately QuiteRSS

Unfortunately QuiteRSS currently doesn't support actions for user defined item lists. If you like you can make a suggestion out of it.

To tag or rename your downloaded podcast item files according to your needs you can use a tag editor like f.e. Mp3tag.

To  download a list of

To  download a list of podcast item files you could use a workaround.

You would need the following (only recommandations)  apps;

- A download manager like JDownloader

- A SQLite DB browser like  DB Browser for SQLite Portable

In QuiteRSS you mark the podcast items you want to download as unread and starred.

The recommended practice would be to create a filter for this.

Afterwards you quit QuiteRSS and open the file feeds.db using the db browser. Here you commit the following SQL statement

select * from feeds

and find your podcast feeds. You will need there a list like f.e.

id1, id2, id3

Now you can commit the following statement

select enclosure_url from news where feedid in (id1, id2, id3) and read = 0 and starred = 1

You should save this statement in a text file for future usage..

From this statement you receive an url list. If JDownloader is running you can now simply mark the column  enclosure_url and copy the content to the clipboard.. JDownloader will grab the item urls and download the item files.

Important! You must close the db browser before starting QuiteRSS again. Otherwise you might corrupt the db file.