How to add old new stories?

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Dear all Smile

I would like read all news from some RSS feeds.

With these settings I would expext to all news to be downloaded, but it only downloads less than 10.

Does anyone know to get all news since e.g. 1st November 2019?

Setting the date in the calendar, doesn't fetch more.

Sandra Smile

I can't really help out with

I can't really help out with your question, but I wonder if this is due to the actual RSS feed you are subscribing to where the RSS content provider (e.g. a news website) limits the amount of 'articles' to a certain number or date. I would guess that is likely the issue. Download one of the xml files and see how far back the data goes. For paid rss readers, I am guessing they create their own databases of all the articles for each feed that they provide and hence why it appears you an see articles for a given feed that seem to go back years, whereas the actual rss feed may only give the last 14 days on a rolling 2 week basis.

Just my two-cents as I don't actually 'know' if this is correct or not.