How to ad filters without GUI?

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I see that I can export the .oplm file and I can ad feeds manually in there.

But where is the "filters" file, and how can I ad filters manually in there?




the news filters are stored in the file feeds.db.

To add news filters please refer to

Tools -> News Filters...

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I think the question was how

I think the question was how to do this by editing a text file, not how to do that in the GUI.  I have the same question.  I would like to be able to add filters by importing via a spreadsheet (.csv, .xls, etc.) or editing a text file (.xml, .ini, etc.).  Is this possible?

Currently, I browse a site and have used a Firefox add-on to hide thousands of DOM elements over the years, each corresponding to a TV show title... same concept as filtering in that I don't want to see that which I know I don't care about.  Since the add-on will no longer work in a few months due to their architecture change, I would like to use QuiteRSS to monitor for TV shows, but not show news I don't care about.  I don't want to manually add thousands of entries into a filter via a GUI, especially when the QuiteRSS GUI takes a lot longer to add something to a filter than my add-on did.

If that isn't possible, to match the add-on's efficiency, it would be nice to be able to right-click news and select "Add to Feed's Filter" which then brings up a filter corresponding to the feed (so each feed would have a single default Match Any Condition filter) with a new condition added based on whichever cell the user right-clicked, which the user can then edit before clicking OK.  So if I right-click on a news Title, the filter would have the Title copied into a new condition with the default operator being whatever default the developers think makes sense, such as "contains" or "begins with"... or perhaps user option per feed.

You can always add such

You can always add such filters via SQL but you need to know the db well. I can be of support on that issue if you like.
Do you already have created a feed?

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How do you manually edit the

How do you manually edit the feeds.db file? Text editor and .xml editor do not work.

You can modify the feeds.db

You can modify the feeds.db by using INSERT and /or UPDATE SQL statements.
To do that you can f. e. use DB Browser for SQLite Portable.
The table holding the filter rules is FilterConditions.

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Ok I got SQ Lite Portable

Ok I got SQ Lite Portable installed, found the database file, and I figured out how to edit the "filter conditions" table. Question is how do I import or add a lot of filter? I have over 1,600 filters. How do I use the INSERT command?

Edit: Ok I did alot of copy/pasting with Google spreadsheets and I got the filter setup in QuiteRSS and it shows the 1,600 filter list. Problem is when I click "Run filter" it doesn't do anything. Why is that?

Edit 2: Could there be something wrong with my Java or something? I have the same problem on another RSS reader called RSSOwl. It won't filter the news with every condition/phrase I put in. I checked Java and it's up to date though. I'm so confused.

First of all QuiteRSS is not

First of all QuiteRSS is not based on Java but on C++.

Probabaly the best approach would be to start with some example..
Just sent some filter and the feed it should be applied to.

Bob Dole
Screenshot below. Ok well I

Screenshot below. Ok well I have a new problem now. When I open any specific filter, and where it says "Title" "contains" "______", it's blank. It doesn't show what I typed in. So I deleted all my filters and restart QuiteRSS. Then made a new filter for (Match any condition), (Title contains) "surveying shares" without the quotes, perform action (Delete). Clicked ok. Then tried to run the filter, the little mouse icon turns to the "waiting/processing" icon, then nothing happens. I click Edit filter again and the phrase "surveying shares" is gone. It's not there anymore. What's going on?

Are you sure you wanna do

Are you sure you wanna do this. You don't seem to have experience in the SQL area.
I said it is possible this way but not that it would be easy. This is really advanced stuff for experienced users.

As I mentioned above we should start with one example. That will help you to understand the structure.

Bob Dole
Yes I want to do this. I

Yes I want to do this. I figured out I had some coding errors in the filterConditions table. I fixed it and the filters load up in QuiteRSS now, but they still don't delete everything. Also I have it set for "Maximum age of news = 5 days" but it won't delete anything older than 5 days. I have to do it manually. Why is that?

OK! Let's do this. But there

OK! Let's do this. But there is no time based filterAction.
I still recommend going through one example with all the SQL.

Bob Dole
Nevermind, I'm abandoning

Nevermind, I'm abandoning QuiteRSS and using RSSOwl instead. Cya.