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I want to mark as "new" only feeds that contain some keywords. All others should be marked as read.


To do so, I used the filter "Match any Condition" and the expression "does not contain" some keywords. Perform action: mark as read the new feeds.


However, it failed. The reason can be seen below:


"Match any Condition"


Filter 1: Title "does not contain" Banana

Filter 2: Title "does not contain" Apple


Title 1: Banana

Title 2: Apple

Title 3: Orange


Appling the filters:

Title 1 > Doesn't have Apple

Title 2 > Doesn't have Banana

Title 3 > Doesn't have Banana, nor Apple


Therefore, all Titles match the conditions. If I used "Match all Condition", none would match.


However, what I need is that the conditions apply only to "Title 3". 


Any ideas? Maybe create some custom rule using "Regular Expression" format? But I don't know how to code that expression.


Any help is appreciated. 


Thank you!



please try the following approach.

Condition setting:    Match all conditions

Rule 1:    Title    Regular eypression    ^(?:(?!Banana).)*$
Rule 2:    Title    Regular eypression    ^(?:(?!Apple).)*$

Perform these actions:    Mark News as Read

This filter will mark all news as read that don't contain the phrases "Banana" or "Apple".

Kind regards,