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Relatively new user.

I've just started playing with filters hoping to delete some of the topics of no interest in my 30 or so subscriptions.

I created a filter via Tools, New filter. 

  • Name 'General'
  • Match [Any condition]
  1. Title Contains - Linux
  2. Title Contains - Asus
  3. Title Contains - Apple TV
  4. Title Contains - Facebook

etc (about 15 altogether)

  • Check the textbox for Subscriptions
  • Change 'Performs these actions' to [Delete]
  • Click [OK] 

When I highlighted the relevant fileter and clicked [Run Filter] it did not delete unwanted articles.

After some forum reading I suspected I may need to change an option or two.

Tools, Options

  • Select 'Feeds'
  • Select 'Clean Up'
  • uncheck 'Never delete read news'
  • uncheck 'Never delete starred news'
  • uncheck 'Never delete labelled news'

I went back to the filter using edit clicked OK (without change) and tried running it again. The unwanted news items remained.

What am I missing?









please provide the feed url for testing.

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It is across many feeds, not

It is across many feeds, not just 1. However, this morning it should have deleted a message with 'Facebook' in the subject and did not in the following feed


I tested the following

I tested the following settings

- Match any condition

- Title - contains - Facebook

- Perform these actions: Delete

with your feed and the message was deleted.

For a better follow-up I would recommand to test only this scenario with a separate filter on your side.first. If this works fine we can continue with the rest.

Thank you. My guess from your

Thank you. My guess from your response is I am missing nothing. Sounds like som work is needed to narrow down when the problems starts as words are added.I will try exporting feeds and set up all over again for a fresh start but am away from home from today so can't do that for about three weeks. 

I'm back.

I'm back.

Step 1) Back up feed to OPML

Step 2) Remove all traces of portable version of quiteRSS

Step 3) Download aand unpack latest portable version of quiteRSS

Step 4) Work through settings

Step 5) Import feeds

Step 6) Create filter.

The filter now works using 15 keywords so far.