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Hello everyone. I'm trying using QuiteRSS to filter news from a subreddit showing only threads made by a single user.

I know that I just have to add .rss at the end of the subreddit URL to show its RSS feed url but once I try to apply the filter inside QuiteRSS no action is performed, what am I doing wrong? here are some screenshots:



to filter news you need to apply the pre-defined filters from the news panel header (f.e. Show Unread).

You can make QuiteRSS showing only news of a feed published by a dedicated author f. e. as follows:

- open dialog News Filters...

- set the selection box value to "Match all conditions"

- set rule values "Author" - "isn't" - "name of the author"

- set action "Mark News as Read"

- select the feed you want to apply the rule to

- close the dialog and press the button "Run Filter" .

- close the dialog

- select your feed in the feed panel

- select the pre-defined filter "Show Unread" fron the news panel header.

Afterwards only news published by the defined author will be displayed.

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